EXPERTsuisse_Qualitätslabel_Logo_farbig_D-e1450332904882EXPERTsuisse – The Swiss Association of chartered accountants, trustees and fiscal advisors pursues the aim of gathering the professionally and morally qualified people and organisations operating in the above sectors and aims at protecting the reputation and enhancing the independence of the profession with the public by ensuring high quality standards of the professional services rendered.


USF – Swiss Trustees Union- USF Tessin belongs to the most important national association of professional trustees active in the area of small and medium-size companies and of private clients. The association pursues the following aims: protecting professional interests, promoting the exchange of experience and information, training and specialisation, rules and principles of business ethics.


ACF – Accountants and controller’s association – ACF is one of the best-known trade associations in the canton of Tessin. ACF pursues the aim of promoting and enhancing professional specialisation and the principles of collective responsibility among its members, of diffusing, developing and enhancing the profession, and of taking appropriate actions in order to protect the professional, moral, financial and social interests of its members in the fulfilment of their functions.


SVIT – Swiss Association for real estate economy – SVIT is active nationwide and currently includes some 2000 estate companies, all engaged in and committed to the respect of the principles of ethics and of high quality standards. SVIT includes Chambers which specialise in dealing with the updating of specific knowledge. At the same time, it is a trade association committed to the up-to-date tutoring and training of specialists.


CATEF – Tessin chamber of landed property economy – CATEF is an association of natural and juridical persons based in Tessin, which pursues to protect landed property in Tessin, to safeguard the ownership of immovable property, and enhance economic welfare by promoting the ownership of real estate property.