• Organisation of operating structures
  • Feasibility studies and assistance in company settlement
  • Advisory services in company liquidation, merging and transformation
  • Composition, receivership and bankruptcy procedures
  • Secretarial and office address services
  • Assumption of administrative offices and trusteeship mandates
  • Fulfilment of and assistance in ordinary and extraordinary administrative procedures
  • Management and assistance in personnel-related procedures

  • Set-up and keeping of company, financial and business accounts
  • Liquidity and financial plans
  • Assistance and advice in current management
  • Accounting, financial and asset analyses
  • Drawing-up of balance-sheets
  • Specific financial studies for syndicates and public authorities
  • Fiscal advice and tax planning for individual and corporate bodies together with preparation of tax-returns
  • Assistance in matters of canton and federal taxes, inheritance and donation taxes and withholding tax
  • VAT advisory services
  • Taxation planning
  • Representation vis-à-vis the fiscal authorities

  • Management, administration, legal and accounting services, financial, legal and accounting advice, financial and technical advice for rentable and condominium property
  • Advising in real estate matters
  • Real estate estimates and valuations
  • Assistance and work management in renovations
  • Real estate agent and promotions
  • Dealing with specific issues concerning joint-property transactions

  • Audits under the terms of CO (Code of Obligations) and LSR (Federal law on the habilitation and audits supervisory)
  • Judicial assessments
  • Company valuations/assessments
  • Internal company audits
  • Audits for municipalities, corporations taken over by municipalities, associations and other public authorities

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